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Writing Articles Archive

US Government passes Plain Language Act
- Wednesday, OCTOBER 12, 2011
It’s official. The government must write in clear English. In October 2010 Congress passed the Plain Language Act (read the guidelines) requiring federal employees to write tax returns, aid applications and forms in easy-to-understand plain language. read article

How to write regulations
- Wednesday, OCTOBER 12, 2011
Regulations need to be accurate, clear and precise. However, the law is rarely simple. We’re frequently faced with laws that are complex, packed with qualifications and conditions and full of arcane language. read article

Plea for Clarity in Writing & David Mitchell's Soapbox on Passion
- MONday, OCTOBER 03, 2011
Elspeth Murray pleads for clarity in writing and David Mitchell is passionate about the corporate world constantly being passionate about everything. . read article

What is good writing? - MONday, OCTOBER 03, 2011
A survey of judges (quoted in Bryan A. Garner – Legal Writing in Plain English)
when asked what they liked and disliked in writing, said they wanted a clear and concise style, well-organized (and without footnotes). The judges – and just about everyone else – said they liked..
read article

Does Grammar Checkers Work? - Thursday, September 22, 2011
After ten years of benchmarking the progress of these grammar checking programs, not one of them has made significant improvements toward creating a system that can reliably find and correct the twenty most common usage errors made by first year composition students at American colleges and universities. read article

Kiss your readers - Tuesday, September 20, 2011
We’re not great fans of acronyms, but we do have a soft spot for KISS meaning Keep it short and simple. It’s a great summary of good writing principles: don’t write more than you need and don’t overcomplicate your style. Your readers will thank you for article

Who edits the editors? - Monday, September 19, 2011
In The Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators magazine, John Revington reviews the latest StyleWriter 4. He finds ‘StyleWriter 4 has plenty to offer, even to the most experienced technical communicator. read article

How to write a successful resume - Wednesday, August 03, 2011
Your resume is your passport in your search for a new or a better career. A high-quality, professionally presented, and well written resume will open doors, put you ahead of the opposition and win you that all-important interview. read article

How to write a technical report - Monday, August 01, 2011
There's no reason why technical writing shouldn't be lively and interesting. The real challenge is to express complex ideas simply. read article

How to write a concise business letter - Friday, July 29, 2011
Millions of us write business letters as part of our work but few of us know the keys to an effective business letter. Too many business letters are impersonal, longwinded and difficult or tedious to read. read article

Writing a strong resume cover letter - Tuesday, July 19, 2011
Your cover letter must make an impact, interest employers in you and place you in the top ten. Remember, the cover letter is there to sell—to sell you by showing what you have to offer the employer. read article

How to write an A-grade college essay - Thursday, June 23, 2011
You must learn to write essays from an excess of knowledge. Go to lectures, read up on the subject in the library, look up the latest academic papers and thoroughly immerse yourself in the essay subject before writing. read article

How to write a good business plan - Monday, June 20, 2011
Your business plan should be a carefully thought-out document. It should outline exactly what your business is, how and where you will run it, how you are going to finance it, how much it has or will earn or lose. read article

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